About Us


Glaze Phones is a leading and trusted name when it comes to bad credit mobile phones in the UK. Whether you have a poor credit history due to default, nonpayment or CCJ, Glaze Phones can help you get approved for a contract phone in any case. Our mission is simple. With the growing number of customers struggling to find the best contract phone deal, we have established this website to make it easier for you to avail a contract plan no matter your credit history. Our efforts have paid off because we have helped innumerable customers across UK since starting.

Our specialty is focused on finding the best bad credit mobile phones for people with bad credit. We have a team of specialists who does all the hard work scouting the market for the best deals and offering expert advice to customers at no extra charge.We have also teamed up with only the best providers, suppliers and key players in the market to ensure that our customers enjoy quick access to affordable and exciting contract phone plans all year long.